Traci's Bio

Hairstyling has been my artistic outlet for over 20 years. I knew that doing hair was something I could do forever and I am one of the lucky ones to say it is my profession and career. I pursed all of the different industries in the beauty world working in salons, doing runway, editorial, fashion photography and live entertainment. I did all of these for many years and then I fell in love with wedding hairstyling. I love all of the intricate styles, the twists and turns, the soft waves, curls that bounce perfectly and the way the bride looks in the mirror after seeing her hair and makeup done just the way she had imagined and described. I like how everyone wants something a little different to fit their own particular and individual style and my job is to make that picture in their minds of the look they desire and the look they have imagined come to life. Weddings are my focus and it is something that I just can't get enough of. I have been doing this now full time for the past 5 years and loving it!

I grew up all over the bay area, mostly north bay in the wine country, Santa Rosa. I moved to San Francisco in 2000 and really enjoy it here. I have a loft in Soma where I work out of and have everything I need to do amazing hair cutting, coloring and styling. When I am not busy doing wedding hair, I am here at the loft servicing clients I have had for over 10 years. I have worked with all of the great companies such as Aveda, L'oreal, Perma of Paris, Goldwell and more. With over 20 years of experience, my kit consists of only the best products and tools out of each hairstyling brand. I have tested and worked with so many of them and know exactly what product will work best on each individual hair type and style. When I do someone's hair, they are always telling me how stress-free, calming and easy going I am and that I create this environment wherever I go.

Your wedding is not just a job for me on that day, I want to share the excitement with you and everyone there and I want to make that morning memorable. I am very versatile in hairstyling and can do the very romantic up-do's to the dramatic, sophisticated looks as well. I am inspired by many looks and styles and always up for someone's vision they want to make into reality. My specialty is the classic retro style, those are just so much fun to do and make a lasting impression. I work with many local wedding photographers and wedding planners so I am always in communication with them prior to your wedding day so we are all on the same page. My process is worry free, fun and simple. I am not only very reliable, but I come with connections to many local makeup artists and hairstylists so no worry about assistants, I always come prepared. When doing bridal hairstyling, I always try my very best to make sure every client is not just happy with their look but thrilled and excited and feel 100% confident!