About Us

SF Bridal Makeup is excited to have Traci as the sole owner of SF Bridal Makeup as of Jan 15th, 2014. Traci has been servicing our brides for over 2 years and we have 100% confidence and trust in her amazing hairstylist work and service to our clients.keup has sold company to Traci, the full time Hairstylist on Jan 15th, 2014. Traci has been servicing SF Bridal Makeup brides for over 2 years and we have full confidence in trusting her to take care of the needs of SF Bridal Makeup clients.

SF Bridal Makeup brings everything to you, so you can enjoy a relaxed and worry free day of getting pampered and beautified for your special day. All you have to do is is sit back, relax with your friends and family and enjoy the transformations!

Hair: Our hair stylists use top-quality salon styling products and equipment to create unique and beautiful hair designs and styles. Our stylists have many years of experience working with a variety of different types and textures of hair, as they continuously update their skills. Our stylists have years of experience working with brides, as well as working in trendy, upscale salons.

Makeup: Our artists uses professional skincare and makeup lines to ensure longevity, camera ready and flawless looks. MAC, Nars, Makeup Forever and Bobbi Brown are just a few of our favorite brands with Temptu as the airbrush line of choice.  She uses airbrush makeup on everyone so that the makeup will stay on all day and night and people's skin will look flawless in photos. With over 12 years of experience doing makeup professionally, you are always in good hands.

Just a few ways we go above and beyond...

-We create a timeline for everyone receiving services on the wedding day so no one feels rushed and everyone will know when they are expected in the room for services.

-Have a quick question or change of plans for wedding day? No worries, we ALWAYS get back to you by email or phone within 10 hours, no matter what day it is.

- Traci and her artists/stylists brings a variety of types of makeup and hairstyling products according to the weather and skin and hair types.

-All of our services are paid a week prior to your event date so you will not have to worry about payment on your special day and be worry free.

-Before we leave, we ALWAYS do a final touch-up on everyone to assure everyone's look is camera ready. 

-Everyone is airbrushed at no additional fee! Everyone's makeup will stay on all day and all night!

-Getting ready in a dark room or a hotel with bad lighting? Not an issue, we bring professional makeup lighting with us.

We go above and beyond to make sure ever bride feels more beautiful than ever on her wedding day. Our goal and mission at the end of everyday, is to take the groom's breath away by her beauty!